Chapter Patriots

Meyongo Chapter, NSDAR, members are descended from Patriots who fought for or aided in the cause for American independence in a variety of locations and various ways. The Patriots from which our members descend are listed below in alphabetical order with their NSDAR ancestor number. You can click on the ancestor number to be taken to the Patriot’s profile page on the NSDAR website.

A132460 – Frederick Bump, New York
A033359 – Azariah Doty, North Carolina
A036248 – Joel Elam, Virginia
A043447 – James Gambling, North Carolina
A045104 – Heber Gilbert, Connecticut
A043014 – William Gould, Massachusetts
A049908 – Daniel Ham, Pennsylvania
A211340 – Magdalena Hutzel, Maryland
A061681 – Thomas Jameson, Virginia
A208523 – James Lauderdale, Virginia
A071518 – Peter Looney, Virginia
A073440 – John Mann, Pennsylvania
A080530 – Morgan Morgan, Virginia
A081962 – Jacob Nees, Pennsylvania
A085502 – Benjamin O’Bannon, Virginia
A088020 – Isaac Parmenter, New York
A131769 – John Pitts, North Carolina
A098710 – Randolph Rutherford, Virginia
A102281 – Christian Seybert, Pennsylvania
A131127 – John Sumwalt, Virginia
A793718 – Jacob VanMeter, Pennsylvania and Virginia